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David Humes teaches how to get a 'black belt' in time management. David Humes teaches how to get a 'black belt' in time management. David Humes, Productivity Expert
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Customized Onsite Training

David Humes, Professional Speaker, Author, Productivity and Happiness Expert

David Humes, Professional Speaker, Author, Productivity and Happiness Expert

David has presented over eight hundred full-day seminars to thousands of attendees in 48 of the 50 states and throughout Canada. This experience has helped him breakdown complex concepts into easily understood language that anyone can understand. His clients ask him back and their testimonials speak for themselves.

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 The Science and Psychology of Happiness

"Happy people are more productive, creative, and healthy. Happy companies are more profitable. Happiness rolls downhill, so it must start at the top."
— David Humes

When companies support a 'happiness culture' in the workplace, people want to be there, so they take less days off. Teamwork improves automatically. Medical costs go down because happy people get sick less often.

Cooperation and productivity goes up and drama goes down. The chances of long-term, sustained success for the business and job security for the co-workers go up significantly. More...

1 hour breakout session / half-day / full-day

 Double Your Productivity using Microsoft Outlook

"Anyone can teach you how to use Outlook. But not everyone who teaches Outlook was a time management expert FIRST. I teach you what to focus on and what to ignore to pump up your productivity." — David Humes

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can't afford NOT to get this training.

A personal note from David:
"I have a confession to make: I'm an ex-Mac snob. I begin using Macs in 1988 because they didn't require 6 months to master "Word Star," the industry standard word processor (DOS) at the time. I wanted "user-friendly" and Mac gave me that.

"When I started teaching Microsoft Outlook several years ago, I was blown away at the power and flexibility of the program. Nothing came close to it on the Mac platform.

"I still use a Mac for more demanding audio and video recording and editing, but I primarily use a Windows laptop for nearly everything else. The power of great software and (finally) a reasonably stable version of Windows (7) won me over."

David injects time management best practices into Outlook so you can use Outlook as the high-productivity tool it was designed to be. More...

1 hour breakout session / half-day / full-day

 'BLACK BELT' Time Management Training

"Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend."

When done right, investing your time and money to gain mastery of what David calls the "personal growth module" of time management is the smartest and fastest way to gain clarity and focus, stop wasting your time, and achieve your most cherished personal and professional goals as quickly as possible—while enjoying the process!

Managing your time well is vital for success. Most high-achievers are excellent at time management. It's a foundational life skill that will pay dividends for the rest of your personal and professional life.

David teaches time management coming from both perspectives: from the big picture, macrocosmic values based time management perspective, to the day-to-day, handling the fire hose of life, getting things done microcosmic perspective. You need to master both.

If you want world-class training, then let David Humes customize a time management program for you and your team based on your needs, with a high ROI.

Take these 3 simple steps now to begin the process of mastering time management with customized training from David Humes.

What's the Next Step?

When you're ready to benefit from David's happiness, Outlook, or time management training,

  • call (615) 399-9164 or (800) 243-6462
  • or email

to begin the process of putting together your customized training solution/program and lock-in training dates.

"Best presenter I've ever experienced and I've been going to workshops and conferences for 20+ years! Organization, breadth of knowledge, presentation, ability to communicate with participants, ability to "shift gears" and respond effectively to any and all questions and without getting behind schedule. The guy's brilliant and just as personable!"

— Steve Button, Seattle, WA

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Stepping Stones to Success book

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